Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fly fishing the bosie river in town

It all about the steelhead right now in the Boise river in town the steelhead are all up and down the river. If you look in the rifles that the trout are in, you had a pretty good chance of catching a steelhead or two. If you do plan on going out to the river to target the steelhead i would put a simple stone fly nymph with a bright egg colored bead head, and below that i would use a egg pattern. The trout and white fish fishing right now in the river has been really good i was out there spey fishing a caught a steelhead and six bows all in one spot. so if you do happen to get out there look for BWOs in the afternoon, but beside that there is not alot top water action this time of year. also look for midge catches in the mornings and right before dark.

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