Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter fly fishing on the owyhee and south fork of the bosie river.

These two rivers are my favorite places to fish in November and through all of the winter... there is just something about winter fly fishing on one hand winter fishing is more changeling then any other time of year. but one could say November in really not winter fishing its more spring fly fishing. And with this i agree but November is winter to me so that's what i call it.

the owyhee is the river that is prefer to fish this time of the year. I think that the owyhee river is the best brown trout fishery in the lower 48. in November and through the rest of the colder months the owyhee river can be a very hard place to fish. That is why only the best fishermen fish this time of the year. i like this time of the year because of the dry fly action. the chance to catch a 20in brown on a size eighteen dry fly is unbelievable, i get a smile on my face every time i see a browns head come out of the water. the key of fishing this time of the year is take your time in what you do.

The south fork of the Boise in November is the place to go and fly fish, it is the best to fly fishing in the winter because there are almost no people on the river and with the catches and amount of fish in the river you are bound to catch at least half a dozen fish. the strange thing about this river is the weather the reason i say this is that the worst the weather the better the fishing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009